Comprehensive MyCondo FAQ Guide

Welcome to MyCondo! This all-encompassing FAQ is designed to address all your inquiries and ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience during your stay. From parking to check-out and everything in between, we've got you covered.


  • Included Parking: All bookings via come with complimentary parking. Available spots are at Øvre Langgaten 24, Snorres Gate 4b, and our Warsaw apartments, detailed in your check-in link.
  • Street Parking: For guests in other locations, zone 4520 offers street parking at 64 NOK/day. Direct bookers through our site can get refunded by sending us the parking receipt.

Contact Support

To get the best assistance for your inquiry:

  • Guests: Visit their customer service page:
    • or call them on +4721052320
  • Airbnb Guests: Head to the help center: 
    • or call them if you are inside Norway: 80062525  if you are outside of Norway: tel:+48223072000
  • Direct Booking through Email us at
    • If emergency - you can call our cleaner at +4795934452 - But always send an email to first.

PS 95% of all questions has their answer in the checkindetails you already have got. All of these contact options have 24/7 customer service.

Early Check-in or Late Check-out

  • Early Check-in is available before 16:00 for an additional fee
    • Checkin 15:00 - 150 nok
    • Checkin 14:00 - 250 nok

Subject to availability. Call cleaner directly at +4795934452. Payment is also done directly to cleaner.

  • Late Check-out lets guests extend their stay past the standard 11:00 checkout time, subject to an extra charge
    • Checkout 12:00 - 150 nok
    • Checkout 13:00 - 250 nok
    Subject to availability. Call cleaner directly at +4795934452. Payment is also done directly to cleaner.

    Check-In Instructions

    • Receiving Instructions: Check-in details are sent via email and SMS typically one day before arrival, no later than one hour before check-in time (16:00).
    • Missing Instructions: If instructions are not received, check spam folders, booking platform or contact us via the booking platform, chat, or email (
    • Key Access: No reception desk is available; keys are in a lockbox or apartments may use automatic door locks, detailed in your check-in instructions.

    Rental Terms and Cancellation

    • Booking: Online through platforms like, Airbnb, or directly through our site. Specific booking details are provided in the MyCondo Terms of Use.
    • Cancellation Policies: Vary by platform, ranging from free cancellation to non-refundable and moderate or strict policies.
    • Payment: Policies differ; some require full payment upon booking, others upon arrival.

    Luggage Storage

    • MyCondo Storage: We do not have on-premises luggage storage, but you can call the cleaner directly at +4795934452 and ask if there is any possibilities to leave luggage before.

    Reducing Carbon Footprint and Costs

    At MyCondo, we're deeply committed to sustainability and minimizing our environmental impact. Our approach to managing sheets, towels, and cleaning revolves around an innovative linen management process designed to significantly reduce the need for transportation. This initiative not only lowers our carbon footprint but also reduces the costs associated with guest stays, aligning with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

    Minimizing Transportation

    • On-Site Washing: We request that guests start a wash of used linens at a minimum of 60°C. This practice eliminates the need to transport sheets and towels to and from a cleaning agency, ensuring optimal hygiene while drastically cutting down on carbon emissions associated with vehicle transport.
    • Energy-Efficient Practices: We also encourage guests to unload any dry sheets and towels from the dryer upon arrival. This supports our initiative by keeping the entire linen management process contained within the property, promoting better energy use and reducing carbon emissions that would otherwise be generated by transporting linens off-site for cleaning.

    Benefits for the Environment and Our Guests

    • Reduced Carbon Emissions: Keeping linen management on-site significantly reduces the carbon footprint of our cleaning processes. Fewer trips mean less fuel consumption and fewer greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, contributing to a healthier planet.
    • Cost Savings: This eco-friendly approach translates to cost savings for our guests. By avoiding logistic costs associated with off-site cleaning services, we can offer more affordable prices without compromising the quality and hygiene of our linens.
    • Community Contribution: Guests play a vital role in this sustainable cycle. Your participation in our eco-friendly linen management practices not only helps reduce environmental impact but also fosters a community of eco-conscious travelers who value and support sustainable living.

    Our Pledge to Sustainability

    Our linen management strategy reflects MyCondo's broader environmental pledge. We are committed to implementing practices that support the well-being of our planet, from reducing energy consumption and minimizing waste to encouraging sustainable habits among our guests and staff. By choosing to stay with us, you're not just selecting an eco-friendly accommodation option—you're joining a movement towards a more sustainable and responsible way of traveling.

      WiFi and Entertainment

      • WiFi Availability: Free WiFi is available in all apartments, with details provided in your check-in link.
      • Troubleshooting: If you encounter issues, refer to the troubleshooting section or contact customer service for assistance. 

      Airport Transport

      • Options: Car, bus, taxi, and train services are available to TORP and GARDERMOEN airports, with shuttle services from certain train stations.
      • Booking: Recommended through for the best rates on various transport options.

      Getting to Your Apartment in Tønsberg

      • From the Train Station: Most apartments are within a 10-minute walk. Use navigation apps for specific directions.
      • Taxi Availability: While taxis are available, walking is more economical due to the short distances involved.

      Other Usual Questions

      • Kitchen Amenities: Fully equipped kitchens are provided, minus dishwashers or microwaves.
      • Linens and Toiletries: Fresh bed linens, towels, and basic toiletries are included.
      • Laundry Facilities: Each apartment has a washing machine, dryer, and laundry detergent.
      • Entertainment: Apartments come with a TV and Chromecast, supporting streaming via our complimentary Wi-Fi.

      For any further queries or support needed during your stay, please contact us through the MyCondo messaging platform. We're here to ensure your stay is both comfortable and enjoyable!